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Shanghai-based Watson & Band Shares Covid-19 Experience

Cai Yiqi

Yiqi Cai of Watson & Band Law Firm in Shanghai shared how businesses in China have responded to the challenges of operating during the global pandemic.

Topics included:

I. Major challenges faced by companies in China

II. Responses implemented by companies in China, including:

III. Suggestions from a legal perspective

Click below for Ms. Cai's PowerPoint

COVID-19 - Challenges, Responses and Sug
Download • 1.63MB

Ms. Cai's talk was followed by Q&A, when she was joined by Watson & Band co-founder, George Fu. Mr. Fu studied at Capital Law and established a sister-court relationship between the Ohio Supreme Court and the Shanghai Supreme Court.

Watson & Band is a full-service law firm employing over 300 staff throughout China.

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