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September 2021 Newsletter

Image by Scott Meltzer

This Friday is National Day in the People's Republic, celebrating the founding of the PRC on October 1st, 1949. Most people will get a full week off of work, and there will be many fireworks displays throughout the country. In this issue of the Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce newsletter, you will find the following:

  • Chinese Chamber Member Spotlight: D-Terra Solutions

  • Chinese Chamber Member News

  • Community News

  • Upcoming events (Bold = Columbus Chinese Chamber event; Italic = partner event):

    • October 13, Managing Your China Business Remotely During Covid (Cleveland Chinese Chamber)

    • October 14, GlobalReach International Standards Europe and China: CE and CCC Marking, Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA)

    • October 15, Networking and Job Hunting Tips for International Students

    • October 26, Indiana China Business Conference, America China Society of Indiana (ACSI)

    • October 27-30, Hong Kong International Healthcare and Medical Fair, HKTDC

    • November 24, Asia Summit on Global Health, HKTDC

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