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November 2020 Newsletter

Now that we're battening down the hatches against the cold and the 'rona, we have more time at home to attend online events!

In this issue of the Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce newsletter, you will find the following:

  • Chinese Chamber Member Spotlight: Mid-American Global Ventures

  • Chinese Chamber Member News

  • Chinese Chamber News

  • Community News

  • Upcoming 2020 Chinese Chamber (in bold) and partner events (in italics):

12/3 Investment Dialogue, with JobsOhio & Jiangsu Dept. of Commerce

12/7 Views from Former Governors: U.S.-China Subnational Relations, with


12/10 Pan-Asia Business Forum

12/15 New Reality of Doing Business in China, with USHCA

12/16 US China Series: Year in Review

12/17 Yunnan's Sustainable Development Model, with USHCA

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