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February 2021 Newsletter

The Lantern Festival is the traditional end of the Lunar New Year holiday season, so it's time to get back to work! The Lantern Festival is the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar and falls on February 26th this year. To celebrate, many people eat tangyuan 汤圆, which are sweet balls of glutinous rice flour that look like little moons... as the 15th day of a lunar month has a full moon. In this issue of the Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce newsletter, you will find:

  • Chinese Chamber Member Spotlight: Praxis Connections

  • Chinese Chamber Member News

  • Chinese Chamber News

  • Community News

  • Past Events

  • Upcoming Chinese Chamber (in bold) and partner events (in italics):

    • February 25, Virtual Chinese New Year celebration, with Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber

    • March 2 Virtual Roundtable with Craig Allen, with America-China Society of Indiana

    • March 2 From Foundations to Frontiers, a study of the contributions of Chinese-Americans, with the USHCA and Committee of 100

    • March 4 Get to know Wuhan, Columbus' Friendship City, with the Columbus Region Logistics Council

    • March 4 How to Capitalize on the Growing Business Opportunities in China's Greater Bay Area and ASEAN, with the Hong Kong Business Association of the Midwest

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