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Chinese Chamber Now Offering Cross-Cultural Communication Training

"I wish he would just get to the point."

"How am I supposed to make a decision with so little context?"

In some cultures, information is expected to come with a lot of contextualizing information that other cultures hear as "beating around the bush."

Meanwhile, people from those cultures that value "beating around the bush" can be frustrated by hearing information in bullet-point form rather than as the larger story they know it must be a part of.

Being able to communicate effectively across cultures is important in every organization. These different cultural backgrounds may be national, regional, ethnic, institutional, and even functional (think engineering vs. marketing...).

The Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce now offers workplace cross-cultural communication training for businesses seeking to improve employees' communication with internal and external clients. Using examples from Chinese culture, attendees learn to identify ways in which any cultures can be different and thus acquire the ability to recognize, adapt to, and respect cultural differences at work.

For more information, please open the brochure below.

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