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How Do U.S. Companies Prepare for the Next Phase of Trade with Asia?

This panel of experts shared their perspectives on future opportunities in the Pearl River Delta "Greater Bay Area," and throughout the Chinese-speaking world, both in and outside of the PRC.

Panelists Winchell Cheung of the HKTDC, Deb Scherer of One Columbus, Jaime Sisto of Scherger Law, and Monica Xia of SinoConnect shared their perspectives on opportunities in and around China going forward.

Mr. Cheung pointed out that the Pearl River Delta Greater Bay Area development zone will be a focus for investment in the PRC, and thus a focus of opportunity for foreign companies.

Ms. Scherer shared how One Columbus is using virtual visits to continue promoting the region to businesses abroad. She also described how the calculus for off-shoring vs. re-shoring/on-shoring has seen changes lately.

Mr. Sisto reminded everyone that China and the US, as the world's two largest economies, will continue to be connected and continue to produce business opportunities for US organizations. He is on the board of directors of a company whose product, eChinaMetrics, provides reliable market data to companies looking to sell in what will continue to be an enormous market for the foreseeable future.

Ms. Xia described how SinoConnect has, like all businesses do, changed its focus as the market environment has changed. While continuing to serve Chinese organizations, SinoConnect is also leveraging its connections in the Chinese diaspora to explore opportunities in places like Vietnam.

The event was followed by a 10-minute virtual breakout room in which event attendees could share their work and opportunities with each other in small-group settings.

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