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Greater China in the Central Ohio Business Community

In this October 20, 2020 online event, we learned about the experiences of three ethnic Chinese professionals whose businesses are contributing to Central Ohio and beyond.

The contributions of Chinese-speakers to the Central Ohio business community are diverse; in this interview-format event, we learned about the experiences of three business leaders:

Nelson Kuo, Kentex (import company)
Popphie Lee, Lauren-Spencer (jewelry manufacture)
Ethan Huang, LOUD Capital (venture capital)

Our program began with welcome remarks by Chinese Chamber board chair emeritus, Dr. Yung-Chen Lu, and current Chinese Chamber board member Deb Scherer of One Columbus.

This one-hour event was followed by thirty minutes of optional virtual networking.

Take-homes from the event:
1) People come to Columbus for school, stay, and continue to leverage the resources that Central Ohio universities provide
2) There remain many opportunities for cross-border business between Central Ohio and the Chinese-speaking world
3) Columbus: come for the universities, stay for the locally-made whiskey

A recording of the event can be found on our YouTube channel at:

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