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Get to Know Wuhan, Columbus' Friendship City

Ohio and Hubei established the first US-China sister state/province relationship in 1979, and the people in their capitals, Columbus and Wuhan, have developed many relationships in the years since. These connections include OSU's only university-level cooperation agreement in China, as well as plans for a direct air cargo route.

On March 4, 2021, the Columbus Region Logistics Council and the Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce hosted an introduction to Wuhan featuring:

* Introduction to Wuhan and its Columbus connections
Dr. Minru Li, Assistant Director, National East Asian Foreign Language Resource Center at OSU

* Healthcare cooperation between Wuhan and Columbus
Dr. Henry Xiang, Professor of Pediatric Medicine and Epidemiology, Nationwide Children's Hospital

* Business opportunities between Wuhan & Columbus
Denis Wang, President of DenisTek; Wuhan native, and Tsinghua University Graduate

* Shipping goods between Columbus and Wuhan
Bryan Schreiber, Manager, Air Cargo Business Development at Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Each panelist named individuals and organizations in Columbus that are working in/with Wuhan who are excellent starting points for starting or expanding business there. The panel presentations were followed by 30 minutes of virtual networking.​​​​​​​

Chinese Chamber members can access a recording of the presentations and the actionable information contained therein by visiting the members-only section of this website at

If you are not yet a member and would like to become one, please contact the executive director at

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